Dr. Anait S. Levenson’s research on prostate cancer published in Scientia

Dr. Levenson’s interest is cancer research and pharmacology, specifically, in molecular mechanisms of hormone-dependent breast and prostate cancer. Dr. Levenson is an internationally-recognized leader in nutritional cancer chemoprevention. For the past several years, her laboratory has focused on understanding the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of prostate cancer progression and metastasis and the utilization of dietary agents such as resveratrol and its analogs for cancer chemoprevention and treatment. Her innovative studies of genetically-engineered mouse models for prostate cancer have led to the discovery of new targets for nutritional interception leading to advances in cancer prevention and treatment.

Dr. Levenson joined the American Council for Medicinally Active Plants (ACMAP) in 2012, served as Vice- President of ACMAP for two years (2015-17) and as President for two years (2020-22).

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